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Sterling the Pug, Navy Blush Polkadot Magnetic Bow Tie Collar

Model Profile: Sterling the Pug


It doesn’t get much cuter than a pug puppy, but a four week old silver pug puppy in a bow tie collar – there couldn’t be many people in the world that wouldn’t smile looking at this lovely picture.

Sterling the Pug, is currently spending his days at PugLoveHQ, in the nursery and spending his days playing with his puppy cousins. Sterling has been adopted by dear friends of Love Nigella, the lovely Dunlop-Bacich family, and will join them in mid May.

We loved working with Sterling to capture these beautiful moments at PugLove,HQ a beautiful crisp Autumn day, fresh country air, the quiet calm of a rural property and pug puppies.

Thank you Sterling, for being such a ‘sterling!’ model, we hope to work with you again soon and will throughly enjoy watching you grow into a handsome young man!

You can follow Sterling’s adventures on Facebook!